Q. Is Celebrity Goat cheese gluten free?
A. Yes. No gluten is in the product or used in the plant.

Q. Is Celebrity Goat cheese vegetarian?
A. Yes. We use microbial enzyme in all of our cheese products.

Q. Are all Celebrity Goat cheese varieties Kosher and Halal certified?
A. All varieties are Kosher except Chocolaty Cherry and Fig. All varieties are Halal except Rum Raisin.

Q. Is Celebrity Goat cheese lactose free?
A. No, not completely. Still, many people find that goat’s milk cheeses, with their unique profile of compound fats, are much more easily digestible than cow’s milk cheeses.

Q. Can you use goat’s milk butter the same way you use cow’s milk butter? Why is it a different color?
A. Yes you can. Cow’s milk butter contains higher levels of beta-carotene than goat’s milk butter, resulting in a more golden hue. Goat’s milk cheeses are characterized by their creamy, white color.

Q. How should I store Celebrity Goat cheese after opening the package?
A. Our cheeses have a shelf life up to 150 days. Once opened, cheese remains acceptable for many weeks if wrapped and stored properly. We recommend keeping it in a sealed container to preserve moisture and flavor.

Q. Can I freeze Celebrity Goat cheese?
A. Yes. Due to the high moisture level and porous protein network of goat cheese, it tolerates freezing very well. Some customers will freeze a log to help crumble it later into a salad or onto a pizza.

Q. What about the butter? Can I freeze that, too?
A. Yes, the butter has a 2-year shelf life when frozen. Unfrozen, the butter can be enjoyed for 6 weeks.

Q. Where do you get your milk? Is it imported?
A. We use 100% pure goat’s milk from small producers in Ontario, Canada. We never import our milk and take great pride in providing premium, mindfully sourced dairy specialties.

Q. How are the goats treated?
A. Our herds are fed a healthy and well-balanced diet. We partner with small family farms that share our commitment to humane practices and strong environmental conscience.